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Millions being wasted as the mobile marketing gap remains dangerously wide (event)

VB EVENT: You know that the customer is completely mobile now, but apparently you don’t take marketing to them seriously. In fact, you’re wasting your money. That’s a fair takeaway from early responses to our holistic mobile marketing study, the results of which we’ll discuss in depth at next month’s VB Roadshow. Here’s the problem. Twenty-seven percent […]

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Ladies, your attention please: Study shows you use your phone behind the wheel more than ever

EXCLUSIVE: Despite warnings and safety campaigns, an increasing number of women are putting their lives at risk, thanks to that most prevalent of devices: the smartphone. That’s one conclusion from new research released today by Influence Central, and while some of the findings underline things we already knew, the study points to some worrying trends. The survey […]

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How localized app store optimization delivered a 10X increase in downloads

VB INSIGHT: You have nothing to lose — and everything to gain — by localizing your app to be more aligned with local culture and preferences. Get it right and you can massively extend the reach and appeal of your app without spending a bundle. It’s why VB Insight’s forthcoming practitioner’s guide, which draws on 35 interviews […]

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Report: App search is fatally flawed, and optimizing for keywords isn’t the answer

VB INSIGHT: The avalanche of apps, the recognition that app search is fatally flawed, and the recent raft of changes to the algorithms employed by Apple and Google are turning up the pressure on app developers. Companies need to move beyond ASO (App Store Optimization) basics to get the most out of their entire marketing funnel, not […]

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