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TheTool, una nueva herramienta App Store Optimization (ASO)

Emprendedores españoles acaban de lanzar al mercado TheTool, una innovadora herramienta de App Store Optimization (SEO para apps) y App Marketing basada en Big Data. La solución permite monitorizar de forma sencilla los principales indicadores del ASO en 91 países: rankings de keywords, posiciones en Top Charts, ratio de conversión (CVR), instalaciones, e ingresos por […]

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ASO master class: Get up to 40K app downloads for free and other growth hacks (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: You could spend $10K to drive paid traffic and get some users — or you can growth-hack and land 40,000 downloads in just a few days. What’s the secret? Join top ASO gurus for this free half-hour master class in getting your app ranked, fast. Register here for free. “There’s this notion that you build […]

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After mainstream success on iOS, iFart gets a second wind on Android

EXCLUSIVE: Back in 2008, there was an app that started a craze and produced a putrid cloud of copycats: iFart. That early start helped the infamous fart app gain the attention of the masses and, today, iFart is available on Android for the first time. Just how big a noise did the original app make? It was […]

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Growthhacking your app store downloads via App Marketing Optimization (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: Breaking through the avalanche of apps requires the most current tricks of the ASO/AMO trade. Join analyst Peggy Anne Salz and App Masters founder Steve P. Young in this half-hour master class — and learn how to turbocharge your app store downloads. Register here for free. Nearly 2,000 mobile apps are released on Google Play and iOS […]

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How localized app store optimization delivered a 10X increase in downloads

VB INSIGHT: You have nothing to lose — and everything to gain — by localizing your app to be more aligned with local culture and preferences. Get it right and you can massively extend the reach and appeal of your app without spending a bundle. It’s why VB Insight’s forthcoming practitioner’s guide, which draws on 35 interviews […]

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Report: App search is fatally flawed, and optimizing for keywords isn’t the answer

VB INSIGHT: The avalanche of apps, the recognition that app search is fatally flawed, and the recent raft of changes to the algorithms employed by Apple and Google are turning up the pressure on app developers. Companies need to move beyond ASO (App Store Optimization) basics to get the most out of their entire marketing funnel, not […]

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