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The brain-computer duel: Do we have free will?

Our choices seem to be freer than previously thought. Using computer-based brain experiments, researchers from Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin studied the decision-making processes involved in voluntary movements. The question was: Is it possible for people to cancel a movement once the brain has started preparing it? The conclusion the researchers reached was: Yes, up to a certain point — the ‘point of no return’. The results of this study have been published in the journal PNAS*.

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Walking Military Robots Stumble Toward the Future

A four-legged robotic mule that underwent years of field trials with U.S. Marines may never see action on future battlefields after being rejected as too noisy. But the U.S. military’s ongoing interest in walking military robots capable of moving like headless animals or even bipedal humans will almost certainly lead to other future prototypes.

Several versions of the robotic mule–made by Google-owned company Boston Dynamics–were built and tested for the purpose of carrying up to 400 po

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